Identity / Graphics / Web / Critical Design/ Protest / Public discourse


Initiator & Lead Designer


12/22 - ongoing

NACHTCULT NIJMEGEN has been founded after a series of unfortunate events in which multiple cultural nightlife hubs in Nijmegen had to close in a short period of time. The municipality of Nijmegen didn't feel any responsibility to take action in finding new spaces to house these cultural 'broedplaatsen' (literally 'breeding ground'). As a response to this, I came together with night-entrepreneurs, organizers, and revelers and created a front that seeks to preserve and protect the rich cultural landscape of Nijmegen. NACHTCULT NIJMEGEN acts as a movement that, through bold actions and events, will raise awareness about the unjust stifling of Nijmegen's nightlife and the vital need for artistic and cultural expression within its scene.

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