Web Design / Graphics / 3D Modeling / Web Development / UI / UX / Generative Art


Interaction Designer, 3D Artist & Web Developer


02/21 - 09/22

Floration is the result of a project I took part in, commissioned by STRP Festival. Within this project, my focus was on the research, concept and visual design. As part of my research, I explored the meaning of art in the digital age and what value art holds when it's experienced through digital mediums.

Floration is an interactive digital art piece that invites participants to experience the concept of collective responsibility. It's integrated into a web-based environment that I designed for artists and art critics to have meaningful conversations on, about the art that was being presented at STRP Festival. The platform features a growing neural structure that visualizes the participants' interactions in real-time. The structure grows as the participants interact with eachother through chatting, likes, and comments. This visualization of their online interactions highlights the connection between the participants, evoking a sense of collectiveness.

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